Santos Hernández 1924. John Ray Guitars.

A wonderful tone to discover. 

Almost two years ago I was in Spain just visiting Cordoba after my degree, and my teacher there received a call from the Canadian luthier John Ray who lives in Granada that say he had few guitars to try, ready to be sent in Korea. 
We just jump on the car and we went to the guitar laboratory of John Ray without any bad idea…

After an interesting chat about the early guitar repertoire from XX century, we started trying two delicious and striking studio guitars and John said: “I have just finished one other, would you like to try it?”. 
First look and “Wow!”, a beautiful tight and small guitar but when I put my hands on…”this guitar come back in Italy with me!”. 
Now I have with me a really impressive instrument, full of tone and a rich range of timbre and colour to discover, perfectly balanced and really comfortable to play.

It’s a copy of the 1924 model from the Spanish Luther Santos Hernández, and no more word needed. 

If you want to know more about Ray’s guitars please check his website here

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